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OOC: Super Driver (How's my Driving?)

So, I figured I'd post up some HMD posts for the characters I currently have in games.

Come to give your praises to the almighty SOS Brigade Chief? Do it here! Come to complain about something? Go bother Kyon! Do it here! Come to say other miscellaneous things? Well, uh... Do it here anyway!

Comments are screened, and yeah.


Who: Everyone involved in Haruhi's movie
What: Making a movie.
Where: Yuki Island
Why? Because it is THE WILL OF GOD HARUHI.
Warnings: IDEK. 8|

Having wandered out to the perfect location to start filming with her cast and crew, Haruhi sat smugly in her director's chair. "Aaaaaand action!"

(OOC: So yeah, go wild. Nobody has been provided with an actual script because it all exists within Haruhi's head and she didn't want to write it out. Feel free to ad-lib whatever you like, as you know the plot is "The evil alien magician Yuki Nagato having been defeated by the combined efforts of Itsuki Koizumi and Mikuru Asahina returns to her home planet. Once there, she finds that Samurai Ninjas from Canada have taken over her domain." anything beyond that is up to you. Mostly. As director she'll probably step in at times to complain about things and tell you to do it different. I figure each scene will be a different thread, feel free to come up with and ad-lib as many scenes as you please. And remember, Kyon is the one responsible for editing the complete mess of incoherent raw footage into a seamless movie~ Don't make the task too easy for him!)

長門 有希ちゃんの消失

... Hey Kyon. Have you seen Yuki around at all the past few days?

(OOC: So, Yuki has dropped out of the game. I am yet to entirely decide whether Haruhi should rewrite the movie to compensate or simply cancel the whole thing. SO... I somehow managed to recruit a new Yuki on Dear Mun, so the movie shall likely go on as planned.)

Development Hell

Right, so I had planned to start filming today, but due to unforeseen circumstances I'm afraid we'll have to hold off for a few days while we concern ourselves with getting a new ship. Besides, not everyone is here yet anyway. Those of you involved in the film should get yourselves here ASAP, as filming will be starting as soon as this is sorted out!


Well, here we are! Yuki Island! We got a few days before production actually starts, so we should explore do some location scouting! It's important to know the best spots to film after all!
Right. I think I've got it all worked out now, and looking at this map, I think I've found a perfect location for shooting. There's a place called "Yuki Island" not too far ahead, it's the perfect setting for the Evil Alien Yuki's base of operations! We're on our way now, I expect that everyone involved will be the production be there and ready in a week. OVER~!

Wanting to be Wanted.

Hey! So, I was looking at those new wanted posters they have here... And why isn't there one for me!? Kyon! This is your fault! We need to do more piracy so we get wanted posters!!

The Fourth Wall of Haruhi Suzumiya

Oh hey! Look at all the people here now! Where'd they come from? There's so many!! There's totally gotta be some interesting ones here!
Right! So I've started working out a script for my new movie!

The basic outline thus far:

The evil alien magician Yuki Nagato having been defeated by the combined efforts of Itsuki Koizumi and Mikuru Asahina returns to her home planet. Once there, she finds that Samurai Ninjas from Canada have taken over her domain.

I haven't gotten past that bit yet, but I'm working on it! I can't wait until we're ready to start shooting!

By the way, we need some more cast members. And more crew wouldn't hurt either I guess, cause Kyon'll probably complain if I make him do everything again...

(OOC: OOC coordination of who is involved in the movie is taking place here. As this is an IC post, despite the characters already listed on the OOC post, their involvement has not been arranged ICly. Also, suggestions for additions to the plot are more than welcome, the more outlandish the better.)

How do I shot film?

Right, so ever since I got that new camera from Reborn, I've been trying to figure out a script for a sequel to the SOS Brigade's previous film, The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina: Episode 00. I've been having some trouble though as neither Mikuru or Itsuki are here, so I can't include them in the script. So at the moment I've determined that the film should star Yuki reprising her role as the evil alien magician. I haven't got much else though...